Sustainability Policy

Long term perspectives are important for us

Sustainability is a great focus for us at ESS Group and is becoming more and more noticeable in the world, particularly in the Nordics.
Making changes for the environment, nature and climate is important and we should strive for lowering our climate footprint.
The sustainability topic we are most passionate about is the work we do in CSR. We feel that we can make a real difference and we have high hopes of changing lives. Our driving force is to include and find synergies in the community that will, in the end, create well-being throughout the world.

ESS Group’s goal of creating hope and opportunities is defined by creating growth opportunities for everyone. We believe that integration is key when going forward in society and for our self-sufficiency when building our organization.

ESS Group’s vision is to create unique experiences for each guest. We promote sustainable development for and together with guests, employees, and the outside world, but also for future generations to experience a good, healthy, and sustainable environment.
We strive to offer experiences with a high level of quality and at the same time reducing our climate footprint. Our imprint should permeate decisions at all levels of the organization, involve all our employees and be integrated in a natural way at all our destinations.

We define long-term as being serious about our work and always doing things wholeheartedly. We are not interested in quick fixes or fast money but rather leaving a legacy and doing things that we can be pro