Liv Richter

Exploring the Thrilling World of Trail Running: A Journey with Liv richter

In the realm of outdoor enthusiasts, few experiences rival the exhilaration of trail running. It’s a blend of physical challenge, mental resilience, and immersive natural beauty. Meet Norwegian Liv Richter, a 36-year-old dynamo who epitomizes the spirit of trail running.

Livs yourney

– My journey into the world of ultrarunning began in 2015 with a leap of faith into the Ecotrail 50km race. What started as a tentative step soon blossomed into a full-blown passion for me, says Liv.

She found herself captivated by the sense of achievement and the mental fortitude required to conquer seemingly insurmountable distances.

Since 2015 Liv has running ultra-races in South Africa, Croatia, Turkey and of course lots of ultra-races in Norway such as the Jotunheimen Ultimate Challenge.
Now, Liv is concentrating on shorter distances, up to 40k. Juggling two young children and diving into ultrarunning just isn’t feasible.


The background

Her training background is as diverse as the trails she treads. From swimming in her formative years to embracing a medley of sports during childhood and adolescence, Liv’s affinity for movement was ingrained early on. Yet, it was the allure of running through the woods just for the sheer joy of it that laid the foundation for her trail running endeavors.

-For me, the allure of trail running lies not just in the physical exertion but in the immersive experience it offers, Liv explains.

The constant need to navigate terrain, the solitude of remote trails, and the breathtaking vistas from mountaintops create a tapestry of moments that keep her coming back for more.

Fýri Trail 2023 stands out as one of Liv’s most cherished race experiences:
– It wasn’t just about the competition; it was a celebration of everything I love about trail running. From the camaraderie among fellow runners to the diverse challenges posed by the course, every aspect resonated with my passion for the sport.

Liv’s top 5 tips for preparing for Fýri Trail.


1. Run a lot on trails.

2. Include a SLOW long run of 2-3 hours, preferably weekly.

3. Run uphill or hilly terrain.

4. Run in the gear and clothes you plan to use. Adjust your choice if it’s not comfortable.

5. Mentally practice talking yourself up when you’re tired. Why is it important for you to finish? And remember to enjoy the race!

Liv ran Fýri Trail with a Salomon S/lab vest, Salomon S/lab pulsar SG shoes, long tights, and a sweater.

-If I were to choose again, I would go for shorts despite the cold. I would also choose shoes with even better grip, for example, the S/LAB Genesis. There was a lot of rain beforehand, so the trail was quite muddy.

Which distance should Liv run? 

Liv haven’t decided yet witch distance to run at Fýri Trail by Salomon:
– I loved the 29 K course but the new Fýri Ultra 55 k sounds very exciting too. And I believe that the ultra-queen Gro Silje Hjukse from Norway will definitely be tempted to take part. I think the idea of an ultra in Hemsedal will attract even more runners and make the Fýri weekend a major highlight for many this second year 2024.

The perfect ultra-race for Liv must include mountains, flowing trails, and technical sections. And preferably a bit of mud so you have to concentrate to stay on your feet:
– It’s also nice to have friendly people at checkpoints, Liv adds.

How does one become an ultrarunner?

– I think there are many paths to it. But I believe in consistency over time. I heard a rule of thumb that you should be able to run the same number of kilometers per week as the race distance. For example, if you want to run 50km, you should be able to run 50km per week without getting injured before signing up. But to become an ultrarunner and call yourself one, it’s about completing a race, then you’re there, Liv concludes.

Looking ahead to 2024

Liv’s calendar is filled with a lineup of iconic races, including the Golden Trail World Series races of Zegama in Spain and Marathon du Mont Blanc and Tatry Sky. At home in Norway, she will race the Golden Trail Nordic series and compete att Nösen mid-June and of course, Fýri Trail by Salomon the Nordic final av Golden Trail.

-Each race offers its own set of challenges and rewards, further fueling my love for the sport, says Liv.

But Liv’s journey isn’t just about personal achievements; it’s about sharing her passion with others. She recommends races like Stranda Fjord Trail Race and Børrvasstindan Classic, not just for their technical terrain but for the opportunity to immerse oneself in the raw beauty of nature.

As Liv continues to carve her path through rugged trails and breathtaking landscapes, her story serves as an inspiration to all who dare to lace up their shoes and venture into the wild. For in the heart of every trail runner lies a spirit that yearns to explore, to conquer, and to revel in the boundless beauty of the great outdoors.