Arga Skånska Män

Arga Skånska Män prepare for ”luxury torture” at Fýri Trail.

Meet the gaming duo Tim & Danny.

Danny is the long-haired one who runs the fastest, and Tim is the short-haired one who runs the slowest. At least for now.

Tim is from Sjöbo and Danny is from Malmö. They met while studying media technology at Malmö University. Danny is 34 years old, and Tim is 32. They started the gaming channel “Arga Skånska Män” on YouTube in 2012, and it has been active since with about 80 000 subscribers. They stream twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and post 1-2 videos a week with highlights.

In 2020, they started a YouTube channel called Tim & Danny, featuring content unrelated to gaming. It began when the gym chain Fitness 24 challenged them to ski Vasaloppet in 2023 with only 120 days to prepare, even though they had never been on cross-country skis. They accepted the challenge and finished in 12 hours in the rain, completely exhausted and without headlamps, experiencing cramps in places they never had before.

Danny’s training before Vasaloppet consisted of 70 km of roller skiing, gym sessions with the help of a PT and some running. Tim, living in Nacka, could do cross-country skiing on snow at golf courses and other places but also did some gym-sessions with a PT.

This led to more challenges, and when Salomon suggested they run the Fýri Trail 29 k in September 2024 , they didn’t hesitate. That’s where the term “luxury torture” was born. They wondered what they had gotten themselves into, asking if they had signed up for a race for elite runners. – The last time Tim ran 10 km was in his teens.

The chance to win prize money at Fýri Trail is a thrilling challenge; Tim plans to go all-in at the “Queen of the Hill” segment and Danny aims for the “Master of Disaster” segment at least to make the top 100 in those segments.

A big reason for doing the Fýri Trail is the dream of getting drone footage of them running in the mountains, like Gimli from Lord of the Rings. They thought it would be fun if Fýri arrange a box with helmets and swords in the middle of the mountain, they would take their equipment, wait for the drone pilot, and get their “Lord of the Rings” video.

Danny has never done sports, just a bit of street hockey at home. Tim has tried all team sports, mainly football until he was around 20. Now it’s golf that occupies his spare time.
Running is something completely different; Tim never appreciated running before but now enjoys evening runs in the forest. In high school, Danny’s teacher thought he was a track and field athlete, which since has been a motivator, that someone with no training background could be recognized as a runner.

A few years ago Tim & Danny held an Olympic games for untrained 30-year-olds on the program they had long jump, 60 meters, shot put, high jump and 800 meters. In most events, their results were on par with “Girls 12 year,” but Danny crushed the others on 800 meters. They watched a video about “Drumeo” and learned about the importance of cracking the code when it comes to drumming. It’s similar with running, cracking the code to go from a jogger to a runner and with cardio training its a lot easier to recover quickly.

Tim believes that training helps him in all areas of life. Since Tim started with the challenges and began training, he has lost about 8 kg of dead weight, which means he can endure more, concentrate longer, and play with his child. It’s incredibly positive to be in the best shape of your life at 32 years old.

They have a challenge on Strava with friends with common goals. Some weeks they’ve run up to 25 km. In April, they run around 15 km a week, but now they’re trying to reach 20 km a week and the plan is to increase closer to the race. Danny has moved to Höör and found more trails and forests to run in than there are in Malmö which helps him to train in the right conditions for Fýri trail.

They’ve started thinking about training for the elevation gain. Tim has a ski slope in Nacka in mind, and he will see if it will be used. The 1600 elevation gain at Fýri Trail 29 k is a bit scary!

Three weeks before Fýri Trail they will run the Jönköping Marathon, and their idea is that running a marathon 3 weeks before Fýri Trail is a good idea?!

With the foundation of Vasaloppet, Jönköping Marathon, and Fýri Trail, the goal for 2025 is to switch to “fun endurance training” and just enjoy it. Inspired by a group of guys in Sydney who ran a Beer Marathon, drinking a beer every 4 km.

They have new training watches that suggest various training plans based on the races they’re running. Primarily, Danny’s father-in-law, who is both a marathon and ultrarunner, will be their coach and they get a lot of tips from different YouTube channels and pick the best bits. Tim is building base fitness to avoid injuries and will be testing Joanna Swica’s training plan for Fýri Trail.

They are a little nervous, mainly about getting injured beforehand, but are super excited to come to the Norwegian mountains and run. Mentally, they can handle it; now they just need to ensure their bodies can. They once walked 100,000 steps, which was 70 km, and at the finish line, a big beer was waiting. “You should always have a carrot to reach the finish line” -says Danny.

If you want to follow their progress to Fýri Trail and all the other fun stuff that Tim & Danny makes up, follow their Instagram.