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A Hemsedal Mountain Wedding

Mountain Weddings in Hemsedal

Create memories of a lifetime with an adventurous dream wedding

Fýri is a magnificent destination located between peaks and valleys in the Norwegian mountains. Here, we want you to experience the surroundings with all your senses. The mountains might hold your fascination just as much as you hold each other’s.

Mountain Weddings in Hemsedal

Celebrate love in the surroundings of Hemsedal

Celebrate your love for each other in the beautiful Hemsedal. At Fýri, we’ll provide accommodation for the bridal couple as well as the guests, dinner made on seasonal ingredients, and a party you won’t forget! If you’d like to start the festivities earlier, we’ll organize a welcome dinner the night before the wedding and a tasty lunch prior to departure. Please talk to our coordinators regarding all possibilities.

A unique dining experience

Let’s make your wedding dinner an event to remember! Got a theme in mind, craving something different on the plate, or itching for a seven-course feast with wines that sing in harmony? We’re all ears and ready to mix things up from our usual menu just for you. Dive into menu planning with our head chef, Linus Wendelsson, and let’s cook up a feast that perfectly suits what you envision.

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This is where you’ll find all the information you need about weddings at Fýri. Everything from dinner, activities, flowers, accommodation, menu, photography, entertainment, and music. All things that you need to know to make your day perfect.


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