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Welcome to Fýri Ride Department!

Need equipment for your skiing adventure?

You’ve come to the right place. We offer everything you need when it comes to skiing gear, from skis to ski boots to cross country skiis, so that you can take on Hemsedals amazing slopes. Perfect if you want to travel light (just don’t forget your toothbrush and favorite teddy). Find us one floor below Fýris check in desk.

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Take a chill pill.
Hang out with Hemsedal’s biggest skiing enthusiasts!

We want you to feel at home, regardless of where you are at Fýri. That’s why we play catchy music at Ride Department, so that you can take a seat in the lounge and enjoy a cup of joe while the rest of the family tries on skiing boots.

The team who works here are a bunch of happy-go-lucky skiing enthusiasts, so feel free to ask us about the best slopes! If you run into Fýri’s CEO Henrik ”Heda” Gyllander, you might get company getting to the lift: Heda has a love for the slopes and he’s determined to spend as much time with our guests as he is doing paper work.


Quality was our foremost priority when choosing ski equipment for Ride Department. We have some sweet gear from HEAD, Aksel Lund Svindal’s main sponsor, among others. Some real good stuff, all you have to do is put your boots on and let your skiing career begin!
We also have a smaller assortment of good-to-have-stuff, such as balaklavas, to protect your cold cheeks on windy days. If you left your ski goggles at home, you have the perfect excuse to invest in a pair of high quality goggles.


We offer snow racer rentals and other fun stuff for the kids, if you still have energy left after the lifts have closed for the day. And this coming summer we’ll exchange the skiing equipment for bikes. Stay tuned when we announce what gear we’ll offer this summer!

It’s all downhill in Hemsedal.

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